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Celtic Harps, Lap Dulcimers, Hammered Dulcimers, Bowed Psalteries

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Folk Harps Lap Dulcimers Bowed Psalteries Banjos Hammered Dulcimers


Folk Harps

We make five different sizes of Folk or Celtic harps.  Our harps are all made with a half-round sound box.  This makes a very responsive, lightweight instrument.  The sustain and projection are both excellent.  The round body also makes the harp very comfortable to hold and play.    The harps range from very small to fairly large. You should be able to find one that suits your needs.


Lap Dulcimers
We build Lap in several shapes and in many different woods.  Grover or Ping tuners are used.  Only solid wood is used, never any plywood.  Sound holes can be our standard designs or something of your interest.
Bowed Psalteries
Our Bowed Psalteries are made of solid black walnut backs and sides and Sitka spruce tops.  The back is book matched and the top features a nice inlay between the sound board and the tuners.
         Our banjos are all wood.  The pot and top are solid wood and the sound is warmer 
         and more mellow than a regular banjo and there is a little more sustain.  This banjo is very 
         light weight compared to a regular instrument.
 Hammered Dulcimers


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