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County Cork 26 Floor Harp

The County Cork 26 is our smallest floor harp.  It is a good choice for a child or for anyone who wants a step-up from a lap hap but can't carry the larger harps.  It has six wound strings and comes with eight sharping levers on the base model.  Any extra levers, or a full set of 26, are available.  Six strings are wound and this harp uses the tapered-through pegs usually found only on larger harps.  The sound board is Sitka spruce with an outer veneer of curly maple.  This harp has a stand or stool that attaches to the body of the harp for playing and is removable for transport.  The stand can be built to match the height of the player and can be replaced with a different height stand if needed.  Included are the tuning wrench, lever wrench and a padded cloth carrying case.

Height: 40 inches, 100 cm.
  Width:  12 inches, 30 cm.
  Depth:  19 inches, 50 cm.
  Weight: 15 pounds, 7 Kilo.

  Range: "B" below middle up 3 1/2 octaves to "f".


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